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The Miles keep rolling

Breaking the Rules

Getting ready to recharge

Change is the only constant

Short but sweet

Other side of the story

Small blessings

Two great movies that go great together

In the home stretch

And the winner is...!

Back on my game

It's Official

Spoiling my fun

Pleasant surprise

Oh hurt me

You'll Thank Me Later

Grow up

Glad this day is done

More deep thoughts

Back to reality

Happy Thanksgiving!

Let the partying begin!

Something new

Somewhat productive

Now for something completely different

That's what I get

Deep Thoughts

Why wait? with update!

New disease

Got nothing

One of those days

Those darned kids

A new week

God Moments

I'm confused

Musical interlude

Welcome to the band!


Rock Stars

Happy Birthday/Halloween!

It's the little things

We're all going to Hell

All work and no play

Dang Vivian!



Birthday Bash

Accidentally on purpose

Does it matter?

Microsoft Time

What is the world coming to

Epic Fail

Staying awake

All tied up

So many choices

5 Minute Post

What a day

Why I stay

The good, the bad, and the ugly - Updated!

Halfway there

You bastards!


Light of Day


It's over

What I did this summer

What are words for?

Will of the People

Proud of myself

On the road again

As time goes by