Breaking the Rules

For Christmas this year I got cold weather riding gear. I got long riding pants and shoe covers to keep my footies warm. I have a rule that I'll only ride if it's warmer than 30 degrees outside. Well, since I had some new gear, of course I had to go riding today. And the temp was 25 degress. Truthfully, I was only a little chilly. Overall I stayed pretty warm. However, I did get reminded why I set the 30 degree rule. It was a bit brisk riding today.

I've also been in a cooking mood today. It probably had to do with making up for a bad start to the day. Christopher and I where planning on going to church early today since he was supposed to have wrestling practice at noon and our usual Mass ends at 11:30. So when I got in my car to head out, I found out my battery was stone cold dead. Not a good way to start the day. Luckily, when I got home I managed to jump start it with Ellen's car. So I let the battery charge while she was at church. And decided she needed something good to come home to. So I made blueberry muffins.

And since it's a Sunday and I wasn't planning on going anywhere and it's cold outside (as I very plainly know), I decided lasagne was appropriate. Meaning I had to make the sauce from scratch. I was planning on grocery shopping today anyway so I got everything I needed and got the sauce going when I got home. Went for a ride while the sauce was cooking. And then got the lasagne in the oven. It is now "resting" waiting for us to devour. I actually enjoy cooking when I have the time and it's been a good end to the day after all of the excitment this morning.


Jammie J. said…
I'm sure Ellen appreciated the hearty food you prepared... and you multi-tasked by pre-working off the calories (of the lasagna). :)
Jude said…
Such a good hubby! It all sounds so darn yummy too. Enjoy! :-)
Unknown said…
Yum! I knew a NY guy who called sauce "gravy" : o )
sydwynd said…
Jammie: Indeed. And it made for great leftovers today!

Jude: I have my moments.

Brighton: Some Italians do that, but not from where my parents are from.

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