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Homily 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time - August 16, 2020

                 I would like to begin by saying how humbled I am to be before you today.   The support and prayers of Father Paul and the entire St. Pius X community have been a blessing to me and my family during the formation process.   I would like to especially thank my wife Ellen for walking this journey with me.   Long ago she asked me to come to Mass with her and she’s been my rock and inspiration on my spiritual path since.             Have you ever felt that God’s not listening to you?   Or that your prayers are not being answered?   Quite some time ago, like many people, I found myself in a situation where I was unemployed and looking for work.   I’d been laid off from my job and was doing everything I could to find another job and support my family.   I prayed fervently to Jesus and asked for the intercession of St. Joseph.   But I couldn’t find the job I thought I needed.   I was frustrated and very worried.   One day while at Mass, I just couldn’t take the stress any

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