And the winner is...!

Today Christopher finally made weight and was able to wrestle with the JV team at his school. He's at the bottom end of the lowest weight class so we've been trying to fatten him up a little. He had 6 matches today and only lost 1! And he pinned one of his opponents! First time for that. Ellen was disappointed she wasn't there to see it. We would have stayed to watch the tournament, but with tomorrow's weather looking nasty we had to get some Christmas shopping in today. Shouldn't have bothered, we did almost all of it online instead.

Christopher's performance put him in second place today. Last year he was usually getting beat every tournament so it's nice to seem him wrestling better. And he had a lot of fun, which is good. I like the wrestlers. For all of their competitiveness on the mat, they really do show a lot of sportsmanship towards each other. It's good to see some sports are more about competing than just winning.

On one amusing note, Ellen was looking at pictures of another tournament online and found one of a couple of wrestlers with their butts in the air. She commented on how she didn't want to see 116 pound class butts like that. I mentioned there was a certain butt in the 112 pound class I don't mind seeing. Christopher immediately went "Dad! That's gross!" To which I replied, "Did I embarass you? Perhaps I should give Mom a big kiss?" He then said "Ew! Old love!" I'm not sure if I should have taken offense, but I laughed my ass off instead. Maybe if we had more "old love" the world would be a better place.


Kate said…
Congrats to Christopher!!

Last year, I had a sweet little boy who was a wrestler...I sort of got into it because of him. He "won" nationals for 8 year olds! I was impressed!
Jude said…
"It's good to see some sports are more about competing than just winning."
What you said, that's perfect. Congrats to Christopher, he's a year older and a year better!

That completely cracked me up about "old love" grossing out the kids....hahahaha! I think the majority of us human beans prefer to think our parents found us all in a baby store or a cabbage patch. LOL

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