The Miles keep rolling

I took a look at my bike computers. I got the first one last Christmas. Since that time, I've racked up over 800 miles on my two bikes. And I got a ride in today and probably will again tomorrow so I had some good mileage in the last 12 months. We'll see how 2011 goes.

We have no big plans for New Year's Eve this year. We have a movie to watch. We'll put together some good snacks. Maybe go downtown to see fireworks. Probably go see a CSI exhibit at the Rochester Museum and Science Center. Saturday will be a little crazy. We're going to my mom's for "dinner" (the Italian tradition of having a large meal at about 2 pm). And I need to be at church early to set up to play Mass at 5. But that leaves Sunday with no obligations so over all it should be good.

Enjoying the week off from work. So far the most fun thing we did was go sledding yesterday. We got the boys new sleds for Christmas so we had to try them out. What a blast that is. The hill was pretty slick so the sledding was fast. Got some great action shots.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year and a successfull 2011.


Jude said…
I'm glad you guys got out and enjoyed the new sleds, family time outdoors! Have a great time at your Mom's, and I'm sure you'll rock it at mass!

A nice quiet New Years Eve at our house, play some games after we have our traditional meal of home-made borscht. YUM!

Many blessings for 2011 Vince!
Jammie J. said…
I love that you're out there sledding and having a blast this week! Definitely keeping yourself busy... hopefully having some down time, too.
Happy New Year, my friend. I'm so glad you're in my life.
sydwynd said…
Jude: Thanks! Much happiness in 2011 to you and your family as well!

Jammie: I did some fun things along with the work this week. Glad to count you among my friends as well. Happy New Year!

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