So many choices

So what to blog about? So many little things going on. Christopher was supposed to have a marching band performance Saturday, but it got cancelled at the last minute. The high school football team made the playoffs and the original game date was today. But then earlier this week it got changed to Saturday. Too many of the marching band members (including Christopher) had already made plans and not enough kids were available for the band to play. That's what happens when you change things last minute like that.

There's a little drama going on with the band. We're still having a hell of a time finding a drummer. And our bass player feels overextended (she's also working on a masters degree among other things) and was questioning whether she should quit the band. Like we'll let her.

The boys have an all day merit badge class on Saturday (9 to 4) so Ellen and I should get some peace in the afternoon. Sunday we should be able to hang around the house and do whatever. I'll be writing my draft for a paper due Wednesday. Most of the research is done now I have to put it together. And read like 5 more chapters in text books.

Off to read a chapter now!


Jude said…
Best of luck on your paper, and with the band issues. It sounds like it's one of those times in life where change is happening in more than one direction.

As for the marching band what do they expect when they change things so suddenly? Maybe this will have made someone realize they can't do that again. Hopefully!

Have a great week Vince!
sydwynd said…
Jude: Marching band gave PLENTY of notice for the next game. Our team won the first playoff game so next on is Saturday!

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