Staying awake

So how many of you are crazy busy? I'm sure its not just me. At Mass today, the readings were about never tiring. Meaning, never cease to keep praying and asking God for the things you need. As the parable goes, if a corrupt judge will render a just judgment to a widow simply because of her persistence in bothering the snot out of him, how much more so will the Lord, who is Good, answer our prayers if we continue to ask?

At the beginning of Mass, our pastoral administrator challenged us to think of the things that are making us weary and to ask God to take them. Which was appropriate for me as this morning there was much making my weary: school, work, kids, everyday STUFF. But I tried to give it all to the Lord and have faith it would work out. I left Mass not feeling much better that I started.
However, I now feel much better. The paper I had to write, while taking a while, came together smoothly. I've been making it a point today to try and NOT get into a pissing match with the kids, I went for a ride and that always refreshes the mind and spirit, if not the body. I've got more to do, but I don't feel weary about it.

Many thanks to my man Jesus for hooking me up like that. God is indeed Good.


Unknown said…
I feel that way right now too- just too busy, too much to do and not enough time.

I need a holiday!

Glad the paper came together for you : )
Jammie J. said…
I try to read my Bible, or a Bible focused book on my lunch time. Even just that little bit of time refreshes me... I went a week without doing that and, man, was I weary and done for. Friday, I took the time to spend some time with God again, and while my body was still tired, my spirit felt much better. Weird how that works.
Jude said…
Giving it to God, that's always been helpful to me in trying times too. I'm glad your day turned out to be more peaceful Vince.
sydwynd said…
Brighton: I think you deserve a rest after all the stuff you've been going through lately.

Jammie: I hear you. You can make it through a lot physically if the spirit is strong.

Jude: Thanks! Now to keep it that way for a while.

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