Accidentally on purpose

I was giving a lesson last night and I'm teaching my student the lead to one of my songs. When I wrote the song, I didn't have a lead worked out and after recording all of the rhythem tracks. I had my engineer burn me a CD of the track so far and just whipped something up. I tried to break out of my usual habits and do something different, but that was about all the planning I did on the lead. I was rather pleased with the result.

So as I'm teaching the lead to my student, I started to break down what I was doing so he could understand it from a musical perspective. The more we got into it, the more I realized how well it all worked out and WHY it sounded so good. I naturally ended each phrase on the note of the next chord change, modulated up when the chords shifted up, and actually had themes built into it. From the way I explained it to him, you'd think I'd worked all of this out ahead of time.

My student understood the lead much better after we deconstructed it, and I didn't hurt my arm too much patting myself on the back. But I think it's cool how sometimes you just DO something without thinking about it and later realize how good your intuition can work.

So if you have my CD, listen to Calvary Hill and appreciate the great lead at the end of the song. If you don't have my CD, the link is up and you can still purchase it.

Rock on.


Jude said…
See Rocker Guy, you are not only destined to make really good music, but to pass on the knowledge and talent. It is, at least my belief, part of God's plan that any talents He gives us we have a responsibility to pass it on to others.

Have I ever told you that you rawk? :-)
sydwynd said…
Jude: The reason I did the CD and do what I do is to give my talent back to the Lord. Music only works out for me lately if I do it that way. The Spirit knows what Its doing.
Jude said…
It does!

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