Dang Vivian!

Don't ask me where that comes from, it's something I picked up from Ellen.

Since Sunday this week I've been CONSUMED with a single paper that is due next Wednesday. It's been requiring a shitload of research. I've been using every spare moment I have at work and at home to work on it. Today at work, during lunch, I manged to put together the majority of the notes and references I thought I needed. Tonight, I began writing the draft. Not too bad, I'm thinking. Maybe I can have the draft done by tomorrow.

Well, I spent close the 3 hours working on it today (ok, maybe 2). I've got 7 pages done and referenced 20 online articles. And that was just for the first section worth 5 points out of 50. Mind you, I haven't FINISHED the first section yet as I have to discuss one more point. THEN it's on to the rest of this beast. I must say I've never done so much freaking work for one assignment. And it's all about how Colgate should market toothpaste in China and Mexico. As if I care.

So I'll keep plodding along and give it my best effort, though I suspect the more time I have to spend on it the less it will be my best work. Right now, I'll just be happy to turn the damn thing in on time.


Jude said…
Wow that sounds like oodles of work! I applaud your patience Vince, I don't think I'd have enough of it to do what you're doing. And all for one assignment, whoa! Good luck, although I doubt you need it. :-)
sydwynd said…
Jude: What patience? I'm ready to kill the instructor. The only thing keeping me going is trying to get a good grade.
Jude said…
You will! In spite of your Little Hitler instructor!
sydwynd said…
Jude: Thanks!

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