Does it matter?

I want to begin my saying I drank too much of an ice cold beverage just a moment ago and am recovering from brain freeze! Arg!

We're a couple of weeks away from the next election, and I always encourage everyone to vote and do so again this year. You can't get what you want from our government (whichever way you lean) if you don't participate in the process. Not enough people do.

That being said, am I the only one tired of all these damn political ads? And does it really make a difference who you vote for? It seems lately our choices are between bad and worse. Or at a minimum bad and just as bad. Everyone seems to be mad at their representatives but they aways vote the same people back in (with few exceptions). Dems took the Congress and the White House because people were pissed at the Republicans. Now everyone's pissed at the Democrats. But with the exception of health care reform, they didn't do anything that the Republicans weren't doing before them. Now we'll probably put Republicans back in charge and again nothing will change for 2 years.

In Albany, it's even worse. Paladino won't get elected because he's a nut, but I have no illusion tha Cuomo can make a difference. The legislature is totally broken and the only way to fix it is to enact term limits. But what's the incentive of lawmakers to limit their own power? Especially when no one is making them?

There was a time when I really felt you could make a difference and use politics to do that. That delusion was expelled from my system many years ago. Now I just try and make a difference in my small circle of community. And not in politics. Because local politics is just as bad as state or federal politics. All the politicians suck.


Jude said…
Yep I get sick of all the ads and signs on the lawns and campaigning too.... and although we're not in the middle of a federal election here in Canada, our city Mayoral election just happened. I'm glad to see all those damn signs on people's lawns are finally gone.
sydwynd said…
Jude: I can't wait until the election here is over. The signs don't bother me. But the ads are starting but bug the snot out of me.

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