Deep Thoughts

I saw a Facebook posts about getting your ducks in a row and it got me to thinking (I know, that's a bad thing). Why do we want the ducks in a row? What if they don't WANT to be in a row? May they want to be in a column or in a vee (they like to fly that way, right?)? Should we even by telling the ducks what to do? Awfully presumptuous of us to assume we know what the ducks want.

And speaking of ducks, how come they call Congress after an election (or the Pres) a lame duck session? Why do people gotta diss the ducks like that? Ducks that limp need some love too you know. We should just call Congress lame. Or at least Congressmen (and women). They all pretty much stink after all. So think kindly of our feathered fowl and enjoy the following tribute (at least to the rubber kind):


Jude said…
Too cute! You're right about the ducks, poor things. And they have feelings too!
Anonymous said…
I've always been a Grover fan, but not gonna lie...I know all the words to this song. Momcani- Google is still angry

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