I'm confused

While watching a new story about a new screening test for lung cancer, I caught part of an interview with a woman who had gotten the screening, had cancer cells removed, and was convinced she's alive today because of the early detection. To celebrate her new lease on life, she became the first African American woman to reach the North Pole. When asked what she was going to do next, she replied "I'm going to the South Pole this winter. I'll be the first black AND African American woman to reach both poles" (emphasis hers).

Not to denigrate her accomplishment or anything, but how can you be black OR African American? I thought they were the same thing? Or is that something a white person wouldn't be able to understand?


Kate said…
i'm not touching that with a 10 foot black or african american pole.
Jammie J. said…
Maybe her black self reached the north pole and her African American self reached the south pole?
Jude said…
That has me confused too Vince, I thought they were one and the same.
sydwynd said…
Kate: Wimp!

Jammie: That at least makes sense.

Jude: Me too. The only thing I can think of is that she meant "black person" and "African American woman". But Ellen can't figure it out either.

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