God Moments

Today we (Ellen and I) helped teach a baptism preparation class at church. We're part of a team that takes a Saturday morning every other month with parents getting ready to baptize their child. As part of today's discussion, we asked them to share "God moments", times in our life where we've seen God working. It was one of the most moving sessions we've had. We had several people/couples that went though some very tough stuff, both personally and with respect to their children. And to see how their faith was actually strengthened in the face of this adversity was so moving and inspiring!

Then, at Mass this evening, we were talking to a couple celebrating their 43rd anniversary. We'd mentioned how we were kidless this weekend since the boys are camping with their scout troop. The wife mentioned to us how our children really aren't ours, but they're on loan to us. We raise them, teach them right from wrong and how to deal in the world, and then we let them go.

So many profound spriritual moments today! It was certainly a God filled day.


Jude said…
I love that what she said about children being on loan to us.

So many of us find our faith stronger through adversity. And it makes sense when you consider there are times when ONLY a strong faith gets us through.

Sounds like a very good day for you!
Unknown said…
Very cool : )
sydwynd said…
Jude: Faith indeed gets us through the hard stuff. But it's also good to be reminded of our blessings and to pray for those that don't have it as easy.

Brighton: Thanks!
Linda said…
Your blog is GREAT! I like reading about other people's God moments as much as I like having them myself. Look forward to seeing more. : )
sydwynd said…
Linda: Welcome! It's nice to see new people. I'll have to stop by your place. We can find God in all the everyday stuff if we just take the time to look.

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