Got nothing

It's been an up and down pair of days. Nothing I really feel like writing about, but suffice it to say conflict is very tiring. And sometimes you try to do the right thing and end up in the middle of someone else's pissing match. But I had a great chat with someone I trust today and that made things better. Plus, since I had the day off to be home with the boys, I got a nice ride in on a perfect day. And I got a lot of stuff done. And had time to make a very yummy dinner. So there were some bright spots as well.

Now back to the grind tomorrow.


Jude said…
That's great you had a day with the boys, and got a ride in too! I assume this means that like us, you don't have snow yet!
sydwynd said…
Jude: Not yet thankfully! I even got another nice ride in yesterday with Ellen and her neice (and a bunch of other people)!

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