One of those days

Last night I got a call from Christopher's earth science teacher. It appears he's been struggling in the class lately and had not turned in 4 labs. There were some other issues the teacher brought up with me. I wasn't 100% happy with Christopher's response but am at my wits end on how to get him to take responsibility for his school work. I wasn't even that angry, more just very disappointed. It has not made for a very up kind of day today.

And, of course, today was one of those days all the "frustrated" customers needed to talk to me instead of listening to my staff. My favorite of the day is when I got to speak to a soon to be ex husband and wife over their online account. The "wife" had created the account using the "husband's" member number and wanted to know why he was messing with the account and what he was up to. Of course, he's completely entitled to change the access since the account has his name on it. Then the "wife" was worried he'd try to remove their kid's coverage at which point I told her she really needs to talk to someone else as I only handle the technical stuff.

Some days this job is interesting. But not today.


Kate said…
That sounds like not a fun day at work.

As far as your son with's so hard, right? The boy that I mentor is in 6th grade this year and he's failing every single class. I don't know how to help him. He doesn't understand how to make it better and doesn't take responsibility. If you find any magic answers...please let me know!

I also was helping him with math and I had to go back and study. I am a highly educated TEACHER with a master's degree and it had been so long since I've worked with improper fractions and mixed's true if you don't use lose it!
sydwynd said…
Kate: I'm having him read QBQ, the Queston Behind the Question, which is about personal accountability. I can't make him be successful, but I can try to teach him how not to whine about stuff and take responsibility for his work. We'll see how it goes.
Jude said…
Good luck with that Vince, I hope it helps him.

Your kind of day unfortunately happens to all of us at times, thankfully the Lord sees fit to give us some breathers in between!
sydwynd said…
Jude: We'll see. However, he does know that if those poor grades continue, he's in for a MAJOR problem.

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