Somewhat productive

I woke up today sort of dreading the day. There was a bunch of things I needed to get done today and was not terribly motivated to do any of them. At work, a major improvement for my customers was being implemented and I would need to test part of it. In general, don't like doing testing on a Sunday. However, there was no way around this one. Also, I had some specific things I wanted to get done around school work today. Plus, I need to get my 1/2 hour of activity in somehow.

I was able to test starting at about 9:30 am. It didn't give me much time to start, as church was at 10:30 and I was leaving around 10, which I'd informed people about ahead of time. Testing SHOULD have gone smooth if everything was as I expected. But it wasn't. So in the middle of all kinds of people wanting to do group chats or conference calls I basically said "Nope, going to church. See you after." And after things were not to my liking. By 4 pm, we reached a concensus but I was left feeling one of the teams misrepresented the capabilities of the final configuration and will probably result in me doing the exact opposite of what I'd planned in migrating our existing users to the new functionality. And, a couple of months ago, I'd asked SPECIFICALLY whether we should migrate accounts or create new, and was told we could successfully migrate accounts, which is easier. Except it appears we can't. So I've been a little miffed about it all afternoon and evening. I'll sort it all out tomorrow and make it work, but I feel like I put in a shitload of hours of prework on a plan I'll need to scrap. Enough about that.

I got most of the schoolwork accomplished I'd intended. I turned in one paper, finished my second draft on a second, and made a big dent in the outline for a third. I got a lot of that last work done in the previous 45 minutes. I'd tried to work on it earlier, but Nicholas wanted to watch a Christmasy movie and we'd purchased The Santa Clause at Target today and there was no focusing with a movie going. Mind you, it was a pretty good movie, but I had to go into the den after the boys went to bed and sit at the PC to focus. Too many distractions in the kitchen and family room.

Got the activity in today by taking the dog for a walk with Ellen and Nicholas in tow. It was pretty brisk outside but good to get out of the house. I might have preferred going riding, but I took a ride yesterday and the wind kicked my ass. Big time. And my thighs were still feeling it a little so I took a day off from riding. I keep telling myself I'm going to go for a nice "leisurly" ride on the road bike and end up going at top speed every time. One of these days I'm going to back off and go for distance over speed. Maybe.

So now I should be able to kick back and chill for the rest of the evening. This week will be a 2 day week since I took Wednesday off since the boys are off from school and then the holiday. Hope everyone has a good week and good holiday.


Kate said…
Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds like your day was way too busy for a Sunday. You deserve a break!!
Jude said…
Sorry to hear the testing process turned out the way it did. I can see where that would leave you feeling just a tad frutrated!

Going distance over speed... that's a bit like saying you're going to leisurely strum a guitar when you're doing a kick-ass rockin' tune, isn't it? hahaha Just kidding, and it doesn't hurt to take a day off from riding if your leg muscles are still feeling it.

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving week Vince!
sydwynd said…
Kate: Thanks! I plan on relaxing Thursday for sure!

Jude: Today was much better. Turns out there was a lot of confusion yesterday. BTW, I can be speed demon or slow hand on the guitar depending on what the song needs. I AM a professional, after all.

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