Boy, what a week. Both boys and I started school this week. Well, actually, school officially starts for me tomorrow, but the courses were open a week early so I dove in head first. I read 3 chapters for one course, and 10 for another. Plus reading assorted mini-lectures and PDF's. That was a crapload of reading! And today I did the problem set associated with one of the courses, started in on a discussion, and finished up assorted powerpoints. But now I'm well positioned to kick ass this semester.

Christopher is adjusting to high school fairly well so far. He's getting used to waking up much earlier since he has to get the bus like 45 minutes earlier than he used to (at about 6:45 now). This week will be filled with scout stuff and marching band stuff for him. He's got a game to play at Thursday, and a weekend campout beginning Friday night. So far he's still motivated to get all his homework done and turned in on time so I'll have to stay on him.

Nicholas is also adjusting well to 7th grade so far. He's in the same school but the workload is different. We got his schedule changed since he had gym right after lunch, which we thought was a bad idea. So now he has gym earlier in the day and lunch later on those days. So far, so good.

The other big deal going on right now is that we've decided to refinance our mortgage. I did the math with the current rates and we can refinance from 30 to 15 years and have our payment go up only a little per month. I'd been paying extra on the principle each month to pay it down early and the new amount will be about that. And we'll cut about 9 years off our payments. That equals paying the house off before we retire and saving a crapload worth of money.

Other than that not much going on right now. Even though most of my free time will be devoted to school and riding, I'll carve out a little time to update here from time to time. We have some neat things coming up in the future (like a family reunion this month and Quilt Ride in October) so I'm sure there will be things to relate. Enjoy your week!


Jude said…
Good thing you don't mind reading Vince, sounds like you got a really good head start. You'll rock this semester like you rock everything! :-)

That's a very smart idea with your mortgage, my hubby is all over stuff like that too. It will really be worth it in the long run.

I don't think I'd enjoy gym class right after lunch either, good for you guys for making that change to his schedule. I'm glad both boys seem to be enjoying the start of their school year.

Looking forward to future updates! Is this family reunion the "noisey" Italian variety? LOL

Have a great week!
Jammie J. said…
That's awesome news about your mortgage. Mine reached the 5 year mark and turned into an ARM. Payment went up about $200/month, but I'm paying on the principle now and interest went down about 1.5%. It's set now for another 12 months.
sydwynd said…
Jude: Making good progress so far! Although this marketing class is going to kick my butt a little. The reunion is in Ellen's side, the "quiet" group, relatively speaking.

Jamie: I like paying off early. We did the same thing in our last house and if we hadn't moved (and upgraded to more house) it would have been paid in 4 years. Just before Christopher went to college. Ellen thinks we can get more financial aid if we HAVE a mortgage so this all might work out...
Julie said…
Good luck with the refinancing, I had another friend do that this summer and she is *much* happier now.

Also good luck with the school. You know I feel your pain. :)
sydwynd said…
Julz: Thanks! I know I'll be happier when it's paid off! We indeed share the psychic school connection. I'll feel better when my first major paper is out of the way.

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