Today I'm dog tired. Like, dragging my ass all day crumbling under the weight tired. Part of it is gettnig to bed late last night. The rest is stress. My first paper for my marketing class is due next Wednesday and I'm stressing out over it. "What?" you're probably asking yourself. "You still have a week! Why not work on it this weekend?"

Oh, wait, I didn't tell you what's going on this weekend, did I? Well, tomorrow (Friday) is a football game, and for the first time this season it doesn't look like rain so Christopher may actually march with the marching band! They've had every show cancelled so far this year. So tomorrow's out.

Saturday? Well, Christpher has to do a 50 mile ride to get his cycling merit badge which we want to get done this year. And we're running out of nice days. And Saturday will be a very nice day. So there's the whole day. Sunday? Family reunion on Ellen's side after church. And then at Christopher's youth group meeting, a national Catholic recording artist agreed to come play for them for free since she's going to be in town. And I've been asked to back her up on guitar. Sunday's shot!

That leaves me almost no time. I had most of my notes done and started the actual writing yesterday, and then realized how much writing answering 10 questions on a case study could be. Put on top of that I'm not getting some of the material. We did a virtual classroom today on Second Life, during work hours no less. (Did I mention I hate Second Life and resented having mess up my work schedule to accomodate it? Why do you think I did an online degree?). I felt better about the material, but not 100%

I finished most of the writing tonight, thankfully. I emailed my instructor with questions so I SHOULD have time to finish and proof read. But damn I just want to fall asleep. In any event, this weekend should give me good stuff to put on the blog, if I have any time to write it. Enjoy your weekend!


Jude said…
Whoa that's a busy weekend dude. Good luck with that, I know it'll work out.

And you were asked to do back up guitar for a national recording artist ~ I'm grinning my face off here! :-)

Enjoy the family reunion!
sydwynd said…
Jude: Rehearsal is tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. Can't complain about getting to play with a great vocalist. So far so good this weekend!

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