Halfway there

Quick (or not so quick) update so far this weekend.

Yesterday was the homecoming game. We got to see Christopher march with the band, both for the homecoming parade and at halftime during the game. The band has been rained out the first 2 performances this year and have one more game after this one so we were happy the weather finally cooperated. It was great watching him march! He did well. We could find him by looking for the spot that appeard to be missing a person. Look down and there he is! And our team won the game 42-14 so a succesful homecoming.

Today we did the 50 mile ride. I give Christopher a lot of credit for completing the ride. We did a 25 mile westerly route along the Erie/Barge canal the turned around and took the same route back to the east. It wasn't too bad, but we had a headwind the entire first half going West (due to prevailing westerlies) plus it was a winder than usual days. We had a continuous 10 mph or so wind with 20 to 30 mph gusts. After the first 15 miles or so, he was feeling it. But the wind was at his back the entire way back. Nicholas rode most of the route and got a good 30 miles in. He needs to do a 50 mile ride as well for his merit badge, but we're going to do that next year when he's more up to it.

I managed to ride 32 miles today. Now, before you wag your finger at me and tell me what a wuss I am for not doing the whole 50, I've got a good reason. Since we went as a family, we needed a SAG (support and gear) wagon to carry our stuff and tools and whatever else we needed in case of a breakdown. Now, only Ellen or I could drive so we couldn't both ride, now could we? I wanted to give her an opportunity to get some riding in today. She let me ride into the wind the first 25 miles and then ride the part at the end that was hilly. She prefers to ride on the flat routes and I didn't want her to get crushed by the headwind so let her have the tailwind. She got a good 17 miles in so I was very proud of her. Christopher was whipped by the end of the ride.

We got home around 6 pm, had dinner (brought home some fast food) then it was off to grocery shopping. After that (around 8 pm) I got to work on my paper. Ellen got to work baking her world famous strussel topped pear pie (which her cousins DEMAND every reuion. We literally went through almost 2 pies last year) for tomorrow's reunion. I got through the most time consuming part of the paper tonight and finished around 10:15. Now tomorrow I just have to finish the first draft, which should take me maybe 2 hours (I hope). That gives me Monday night to proof read and edit, and I should have no problem getting it done on time. Now I just have to get through the reunion and performance tomorrow along with my homework and I'm done for the weekend.

Then I start it all over again on Monday. A little crazy around here, ain't it?


Jude said…
Kudos to Christopher for completing the ride! Ellen's pie sounds YUMMY, that's quite a compliment that her family asks for it. :-)

Good luck with your paper, I'm sure you'll get it done on time no problem. Have a great week!
sydwynd said…
Jude: Thanks, I'll tell him. The pie was SCRUMPTUOUS! Of course, the plate came back empty.

Read new post about my paper. Grrr!

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