As time goes by

Is it just me or is time this summer flying by? I realized this weekend that there are only a couple more weekends left in summer. We have some family activities (baptism, family pictures) which leaves 2 weekends before Labor Day. Where did the summer go? I still have stuff on my list that needs to get done!

Besides getting in a couple more specific bike rides in (we’re in training for the 50 mile bike ride to complete the cycling merit badge for the boys and I want to do a nice “slow and easy” ride with Ellen), I have to paint the front door, sidelights, and shutters. We haven’t even picked out a color yet. I’ve got a bedroom and 2 bathrooms to paint. Again, no colors picked out. I’m sure Ellen has a bunch of things on her list that we wanted to get done this summer. Her lists are very interesting in that for every thing she takes off of it, it seems like 3 replace it. It’s sort of like a Hydra.

On top of all that, the band has a gig at the end of the month and we JUST started rehearsing last Monday. Oh, and did I mention our drummer graduated from high school so we need a new one? And we’ve only auditioned one person that wasn’t that good? AND, we begin playing regular Masses at our church in October. Not too much band stress.

On the plus side, I have been able to get a lot of reading in. Now that school’s out, I’ve been reading mostly Star Wars novels. Nothing too taxing on the brain. However, I need to finish up my summer reading soon as Labor Day my fall courses open up and I kick into high gear on school again. Then it’s a full court press until December.

On the home front, things are in pretty good shape. The boys are done with soccer for the season so we actually have some time to do things in the evening. We’re trying to keep them busy helping with the housework, but that’s a struggle. They’d much prefer to be watching TV or skateboarding (at least in Christopher’s case). We’re making sure they practice their instruments. Christopher starts high school this year (Yikes!) and has band camp the last week of August. All members of the concert band in his school are required to be in the marching band so he needs to learn how to march in formation and perform the routine the band will be doing this year. He’s working on memorizing his music. Hopefully that week won’t be too hot.

Other than that, things are on cruise control right now. Once school starts, I’ll certainly be looking forward to fall as it’s one of my favorite seasons. We saw a Halloween food and craft book at the supermarket yesterday and I can’t wait for that (besides being Nicholas’ birthday). I just love the leaves turning and the cooler temperatures. In the mean time, hope you all stay cool and stay well.


Jammie J. said…
I can't believe how fast this summer is going. I saw Christmas stuff in the store over the weekend!

It's been a cooler summer than usual, too. Just one week of super hot weather. Wonder if that means September is going to be a doozy?
Anonymous said…
Vince! Soon I will be transportation. I look forward to school, but I hate it. It means we're growing up. I losing 2 at the same time. It sucks being a grown-up. Momcani
Jude said…
Ah yes. And the older we get the faster time speeds by too! I hope you get at least most of the things you wanted to do finished by summer's end Vince. And like you, Autumn is my FAVOURITE season, bring it! :-)

I'm saying a prayer for a good drummer for your band. Afterall it is an excellent cause.

Have a fabulous week!
sydwynd said…
Jamie: Don't get me started on Christmas. It's soooo wrong how early the start putting stuff out. Weather here has been warmer than last year. Go figure.

Momcani: We may get older, but we don't have to grow up! But being responsible is a pain in the butt sometimes.

Jude: I think I'll get most of it done. A lot of my goals have been around riding. The heck with the work! I'll keep you posted on the drummer thing. Thanks for the prayers!

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