What a Weekend

This has been an overall frustrating weekend for both the Wife and I. I'm on call this weekend and I swear that my pager has beeped more times in three days than in the last year I've been doing it. We went to the auto show Friday since the boys are so into cars right now. The pager went off just before we walked in. And of course I didn't have any of my contact numbers. Over 30 mintues later it turns out it was basically nothing. So while the Wife and the boys got to enjoy the show, I spent the whole time there stressing out about work and didn't really get a chance to look at cars like I would have liked.

Saturday was the schedule from hell. We had baptism prep class at 9. I had to drop the kids off at my parents before 8:3o so I could run to work and disable the alarm for a software upgrade going on the run home to pick up the Wife. The class ran over to about 11:15 so we had to run out very quickly to pick up Maverick to take him to a baseball clinic we signed him up for at 11:45. Then I ran back to work to re-alarm the building since testing was done, then run back to pick up Maverick. We decided to stop out for lunch so we got home around 2. Then Grasshopper had a birthday party to attend at 4:30. Our day was finally done around 7 pm with almost nothing accomplished at home.

Sunday the Wife went crazy with housework while I did the church thing. The boys have been particualarly frustrating today. Lately they can't seem to get along and argue about everything. Or they get their mouths running and just won't shut up for like hours. The try to talk over each other and interrupt and generally make us crazy. It culminated in Grasshopper pissing off the Wife at bed time so she didn't tuck him in. I tell you there are days when having two boys with developmental issues just makes you want to bang your head against the wall.

The weekend has had it's good points too, but we're both too tired to appreciate it right now.


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