We Will Rock You - Again!

Friday night Queen/Paul Rodgers rolled into Buffalo and I got to be there. My seat was even better than the NYC show, about 7 rows back from the runway within spitting distance when the band came down it. There was so much going through my head that night that I'm just going put things down in random order.

My first impression was that the Queen was even better than before. They seemed tighter and more like a band. Brian did only one song solo and Roger's songs were done with the whole band. The first time around it was like there was a Paul Rodgers section, a Roger Taylor section, a Brian May section, then a Queen/Paul Rodgers section. This time it was more unified.

Most of the songs were the same as NYC but there were several new songs. Of course they did Take Love. It was very much a Paul Rodgers song. Quite good. They also did Dragon Attack which only the hardcore Queen fans would know. They also did I Want To Break Free, one of my all time faves! The absolute coolest thing was that (according to Brian) they did a song they've never done live in the US before: Under Pressure. It was awesome! Now, to be a little nit-picky, I'm 99% sure Queen performed the song live on SNL back in the 80s so that wouldn't make Brian's statement technically true, but fuck it, hearing it was freaking cool. Brian did the high parts that Freddie used to do and it rocked.

Again call me nit-picky and a purist, but I really liked the fact that Jamie Moses, the rhythem guitar player, did most of the Queen songs with a Burns Brian May guitar. I mean, not for nothing, but if you're on tour with Queen, playing Queen songs, wouldn't it make sense to play the guitar Brian May uses to do Queen songs? I know I'd want the same guitar he uses. But again, that's just me.

Some non-musical highlights of the evening: the best had to be when one of the security guards walked by me singing We Will Rock You with the audience. He was obviously a litte older than me and was hired by the arena. I find it cool that even those being paid to be there were getting into the show. The low point was this guy who obviously moved up from a crappy seat. I had the aisle seat and about 1/3 way into the show he ends up on my arm in the aisle crowding me in so it looked like his seat was in my row. Everyone was standing and security was trying to make sure that everyone was where they were supposed to be and not getting up front when they didn't pay to get there. This guy wasy intruding on my personal space and had no right to be there. I tried to blow it off but it did bug me a little. Also very cool was a bunch of guys I think from Denmark. They all had home made T-shirts with the website www.jdke.de. Looks like a bunch of John Deacon fanatics following Queen around the world on tour. There were about 6 of them there and they were a hoot! Totally into the show. How cool would it be to follow Queen around the world for a tour? Rock on dudes!

Even though I was prepared for Bohemian Rhapsody, hearing it again with Freddie singing and playing made me realize how much I miss that guy. It still touched me deeply. Music just hasn't been the same since he's died. Who out there has his comination of musicianship, showmanship, and personality? No one.

Overall I must say that the show so inspired me. The big thing going through my mind the entire show is how I so love being a rock musician. It revived the dream of being in a rock band and just playing music. I was supremely confident that I could be up on the stage with them and so hang! While no Brian May, I could certainly fill Jamie Moses shoes. And prowl that stage to give the audience their money's worth! Damn if it ain't in me even if it isn't my calling. Seeing them again has satisfied my cravings for Queen for a while. While it would be nice to see a show on this tour again, it's pretty much out of my system for a while. Unless Queen puts out an album of new material. Then the show must go on!


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