Channelling Aretha Franklin

Due to the "big blow up" in the house this weekend, we have a new buzz word in our family: respect. We've been using it on the boys for just about everything: "Is that a respectful tone?", "are you respecting your mother with that tone?", "are you respecting your things by leaving them on the floor?" It's amazing how versatile that word is. We've only just started but we're going to beat it into thier heads.

On a lighter note, Maverick said something yesterday (as reported to me by the Wife) that probably wasn't too funny, but for some reason made me crack up and not stop laughing. You know, the kind of laugh where you're totally stressed out and someone tells you a mildly amusing joke but you just can't stop laughing after that?

Maverick and Grasshopper get off the bus together. Yesterday, Maverick came up to the door but Grasshopper was nowhere in sight. It seems that Grasshopper was talking with a friend and wasn't paying attention. His friend had to tell him it was his stop. The Wife was wondering where Grasshopper was. When he got off the bus, Maverick says, "Boy, I'm glad Grasshopper's not dead." I found that just incredibly funny. I could just imagine the carefree way in which he would have said it. The Wife was not as amused as I was.

Perhaps later this week I'll relate a story which the Wife found incredibly funny at the time and I did not.


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