I need a Do-Over today

What a day. It began by getting woken up early when my on call pager went off. Three times in 15 minutes. Over something stupid. I'm not a morning person as it is and when you mess my morning routine up like that, it makes for a very cranky rocker.

I spent most of the at work day getting a server application upgraded. The details aren't important but I was big time stressing on it on the way home today. I walked in the door and started telling the Wife about it. She cut me short very quickly and said, "Leave work at work." I try to do that all the time but today I needed the reminder.

So I tried to let it go but I was having trouble with it. Then, the Wife and I had a minor disagreement on something small and I quickly forgot about work. Cause now I was all pissed off about trying to do something helpful and fucking it up. So now I'm in a bad mood. So I decided to use the treadmill and do some meditating on Scripture. During Lent, we have a Little Burgandy Book with daily meditations. I had a hard time concetrating on it, but something did strike me. More on that in a bit. I then opened my Bible and just read whatever first hit me. This actually got me thinking of just quieting myself, which led to me writing a chorus for a new song I've been working on.

Now, before you start all patting me on the back, saying way to go, and all of that trying to cheer me up kind of stuff, let me tell you what struck me from the Burgandy Book. The theme is stewardship. The main lines that hit me are now in my Something To Ponder section to the left. What really struck me is that we are stewards of God's gifts to us. And I don't think I've been a very good steward to some of the gifts I've been given. I may even have been a rather poor steward. What I really need from all of you is your prayers that I can take better care of all the gifts I've been given.

I will say that after taking some time to reflect and talking to the Wife, I'm a little more at peace tonight. But as the title says, I really need a Do-Over of this day. Can I take this turn over please?


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