Coming soon to a blog near you! - updated

Ok, after my non-stop weekend, it's the end of the day, the boys will be going to bed soon, and I just don't have the energy to write the posts I want to write. So instead, I decided to give you a few teasers or trailers, kind of like you'd see at the movies! So, in the coming days here on my humble litte blog you can expect to see:

1. Review of the Queen/Paul Rodgers concert Friday night. I had an awesome time! So much was going through my head while I was watching the show I had to write all the ideas on a piece of paper when I got back to my car so as not to forget them. A full review will be up very soon.

2. We finished painting the hallway! The blow by blow including picutures will be next on the list! I need to take some good pics with daylight so you get the full effect. Overall, I'm pleased but it's taking a little getting used to. Going from stark white to dramatic color is a bit of a shock.

3. Anything else I can think of. Like how there was a 2 HOUR premier of Doctor Who on Friday but the TV book didn't have anything about the second hour so I didn't tape it and missed it. Stupid TV book. Or perhpas how I only spend 45 minutes at my sister's house today and couldn't get out of there fast enough with all the insanity going on. Or how puncy the Wife was with my brother. We're talking claws coming out and ripping my bro to shreds. No mercy!

So anyway, I'm just going to chill out tonight and maybe catch up on some blog reading since I missed my Friday dose. Now it's off to prep the kids for bed!

UPDATE - I really meant to check everyone's blogs last night but I was out cold on the couch by 10 pm and woke up at like 11:45. Totally zonked from the weekend. So today will be catch up day. Happy Monday everyone!


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