They're not making it easy on me

I had intended to do a post on my new hallway next, but I read this article today and just had to comment. It concerns an Afghan man that converted from Islam to Christianity. It appears that this is a crime, punishable by death, in Islamic law. And in Afghanistan, according to thier constitution, any secular law can be superceded by Islamic law. His main crime is, of course, to have converted and actually was found with a BIBLE in his home.

Some of the details just irked me. For example, he was sent to have a mental evaluation, under the assumption that you must be mentlly unbalanced to want to convert from Islam to any other religion. The judge felt that it must be insanity that caused him to reject Islam. Unfortunately for them (or perhaps him), we was found to be sane, though the judge thinks he talks crazy.

My favorite quote however, is from the following snippet:

The judge, however, holds hopes for a solution.

"We will ask him if he has changed his mind about being a Christian," Mawlazezadah says. "If he has, we will forgive him, because Islam is a religion of tolerance."

Forgive me while I blow a gasket here. Tolerant? Does he have some special Islamic dictionary where the word tolerence means something different than an Englis dictionary? Cause, excuse me Mr. Can't-Believe-Anyone-Would-Not-Want-To-Be-A-Muslim, but last I knew, tolerence meant accepting people that don't beleive what you do. I just could not beleive the nerve of this guy!

Which gets me to the title of the post. I've been trying really hard to be tolerant of Mulims, specifically the ones in the Middle East. But there are too many examples of people like those in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq. If you don't believe exactly what they beleive, then it's ok to kill you. It's almost like you're less than human if you don't beleive in Islam. I'm all for respecting other's beliefs, even when I think they're stupid or crazy, but these guys take the cake. And I have little patience for those that hate and are ignorant. I mean, Islam is supposed to be this great religion, but people kill in its name far more than those that have killed in Christ's name. So someone help me here. I'm trying real heard to respect this religion and it's followers. I really am. Perhaps I'm missing something. Or perhaps it isn't the religion at all, it's just the Arabs.

Can anyone clue me in?


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