Out of town

I'm sitting here in my hotel room now. Today and tomorrow I'm in Schenectady, NY on business. My company merged with another company recently and some of us are meeting with our conterparts. Luckily, its a 3 hour drive from home and only an overnight, so it's not that bad a trip.

The rooms we reserved are awesome. We're staying at the Stockade Inn, in the historic part of Schenectady. It's a big colonial bed and breakfast kind of place, but with a 4 star resteraunt downstairs. I went to my room and the first thing that seemed kind of odd was that the door was louvered. When I opened it, I found the room door on the other side. It was a double door, with one on the outside jam and one on the inside jam! I needed to use my KEY - yes a metal key that looks like you'd use it to get in your house, to open the door. The room is decorated in colonial style with a HUGE king size bed. The main light in the room is a chandelier and I have a REAL WINDOW that slides up that overlooks the street! This place is so freaking cool!

This being Ash Wednesday, fish was in order for dinner. Dinner was planned by my peer on the server side of the business during the drive well before lunch. We had seafood and white wine decided upon before we even made it to Syracuse. To say he is obsessed with food is an understatment. We began with crabcake appetizers. The crabcakes came topped with veggies in a honey/wasabi sauce that was sweet and spicy at the same time. For the entree, I had an awesome dish called a seafood bake, with scallops, crab, lobster tail, and shrimps all in a butter sauce, surrounded by whipped potatoes. Simply scrumptiouse. I even had a glass of white wine. For those that don't know me well, I'm one of those weird Italians that really doesn't like wine.

My food loving buddy tried to coax us into dessert, but I was way too full. He asked for a finger of tiramisu and got a piece that was easily 6 inches by 6 inches. It was huge! Much as I wanted to, and despite the fact our waitress brought 4 forks (one for each of us) I just could not bring myself to try any. I was that full. It's 2 hours after dinner finished and I swear I could not eat another thing.

In other news, my brother is having a mechanic buddy of his look at my car to figure out what's wrong with it. More details on that once I find out the damage. I figured since I was going to be out of town, now was the time to get it fixed. Tomorrow we have meetings all day then the drive back. Supposedly there may be a big storm coming so we may leave a little early depending on the weather.


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