More tidbits

A couple of quick things before I pass out, I mean go to bed. I found a couple of news items quite amusing.

First, I saw a banner on ABC's website about Moussaoui being sentenced to only 30 years for the terrorist charges and for plotting to assasinate Bush. I was happy his sentance was reduced for wanting to get Bush out of office, though I don't agree with his method. After all, that would mean Cheney would have to be the President for real.

Next, I saw that the Afghani Christian was given assylum in Italy and arrived safely. I salute the land of my ancestors for being the awesome people that they are. Muslim clerics are still calling for this man's death and that he should be forced to become a Muslim again. The Afghan legislature even debated whether they should pass a law preventing him from leaving the country, though I suspect this was more a political move than anything else. Still, it just goes to show that there is still hard core intolerence in that country.

Today was another beautiful day and I got to toss the football around with Maverick a little. I'll be damned if that kid ain't got an arm. He was throwing perfect spirals a good 15 yards. Not bad a catching either. The Wife doesn't want him playing football though since she's concerned about his size. Kind of small and skinny. Still, he hasn't expressed an interest in playing, he just likes to play catch right now so no need to worry. I've got me a scholar musician athlete here. On another side note, we talked to his teacher last week at the school open house. Maverick also enjoys playing chess and is not bad. His teacher wondered if he could handle playing two games at once so he tried it this week. Maverick took on two opponents simultaneously and beat both. Look out world, Maverick's coming.

Lastly, I want to thank my bestest blogger pal Lois for cheering me up tonight. As most of you read yesterday, I had a very annoying situation come up. No resolution on it yet, but Lois made me feel better and laugh a lot, so I've left it in God's hands. Julie once said something to the effect that the blogging community is filled with the most wonderful people that will help out and be there for you out of the goodness of their hearts. Lois is definately one of those people. A big fraternal kiss on the cheek to you, dear. And I've got to send you some pop rocks. You know, the ones with CO2 in them. Seriously, what flavor you like best?


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