Overheard at next cube over at the Office of Homeland Security by an Engishman renewing his visa:

"So where are you from?"


"Where's that?"

Obviously you don't need to know about geography to figure out where terrorists come from.


Quickest way to defuse tense situation between you and your 7 year old (dad about to kill said 7 year old and kid growling at dad): Pinch 7 year old on his bare bottom. Much giggling and laughing will ensue.


Heard coming from mouth of 4th grade teacher in reference to Maverick:

"He's a really good kid. He helps the other kids out and is a pleasure to have in the

Who is this kid and why doesn't he get off the bus in the afternoon? Talk about having someone completely fooled.


Painting of the hallway begins tomorrow. Pictures will be posted when complete. Please notice updated picture of the Wife in left sidebar. She is currently happily snoring in her chair but is not yet loud enough to really make me laugh. But I'm sure she will be soon.


Happy St. Patty's Day to all my Irish (and Irish for a day) readers out there! Have some corned beef and cabbage and wash it down with green beer! Unless you're Catholic. Then make sure you get dispensation first. It is lent you know.


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