Spring Training

Today was a beautiful day. Sunny and mid 40s. I came home from work and found the Wife in the yard playing soccer with the boys. Grasshopper is playing soccer this summer for the first time and she was showing him how to trap and kick. I quickly changed and joined in. I worked with Grasshopper for a while (soccer being my favorite sport) and the Wife worked with Maverick on batting.

I got to spend about 20 minutes working with Grasshopper. The Wife went inside to start dinner so I switched and started working with Maverick on hitting and fielding. He's developing quite and arm that kid. He's been going to a baseball clinic once a week at the Y and it's really helped his skills. I also pitched the hardball to him and he's getting over his fear of the ball and actually hitting. He keeps this up and I may have to change his nickname to Iceman..

I think the Wife is going to be paying for this day of fun tomorrow. She appears to have used some new muscles today and will most likely be sore tomorrow. I must remember to poke at those muscles to see if they're tender tomorrow.

This week's weather is supposed to be quite nice, 50s and 60s with sun. Spring has indeed sprung, and it's about time.


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