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Okay, with LOTS of assistance, I finally figured how to post on this thing. That's why until now all my comments were just that - comments. Anyway, I want to clarify some stuff about my recent blood work. In general I am in good health. I am definitely not overweight (actually quite underweight), and have no health issues. My gynecologist sends me for bloodwork once a year (he's guaranteed to see me at least once a year - as long as I want my birth control pills. I only see my regular doctor when I'm sick). So I went for the usual workup. My individual cholesterol numbers (LDL and HDL) came back normal, and my total cholesterol was only slightly high (201). My glucose and other tests came back fine. The one that concerned my doctor was the triglyceride level (216). He sent an information sheet along with the results.

I then went on the American Heart Association website to find out exactly what triglycerides are. During my research, I discovered an article that claims that a high triglyceride level can increase your chance of having a stroke by 30%. Yes, 30%!! Okay, at that point I was concerned. I don't know how reliable this study is, but the information was on the AHA website. Now a little bit of history. My father died 3 years ago, eight weeks after suffering a stroke. During those 8 weeks, he was unable to communicate. I really think his mind was shot at that point. And he was physically unable to move. He couldn't even sit upright in a chair. They had to tie him to the chair to keep him from falling out. He was also unable to swallow, which led to pneumonia, chest tubes and the respirator. It was not pretty. My father was always in good health, NEVER had a weight problem, and actually had low blood pressure. However, he did have rheumatic fever as a child, and that's what I attributed his heart trouble to. He had at least two TIA's (mini strokes) before the last stroke.

So this is why I am so concerned. I saw the suffering my father went through for 8 weeks, while being unable to communicate his wishes concerning his health care. If I know my father, he wouldn't want to be on a respirator at all. I also have a history of heart disease on my mother's side. She had to have two angioplasties, and suffered a couple of small heart attacks she didn't even know about. The ironic thing is that it wasn't the heart disease that killed her, it was lung cancer.

As I said, I am in generally good health. No weight issues, no diabetes, I don't smoke, etc. And I want to keep it that way!! So wish us luck on modifying out diet and getting some regular exercise. And Vince, don't forget that a metal casket is just fine for me. They're cheaper than the wood ones. Make sure my funeral mass ends with City of God.


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