Out of the Dark Ages

I've made it into the modern world and am finally on high speed access at home. As I type this, I'm on my laptop going through my wireless network card to my wireless router over a very fast DSL connection. Hurray! It took a while to get everything configure, but I've got my workstation and my laptop going. The last thing to do is get the server up and running. That will require a little more work. But I'm in good shape.

Along with the change to DSL is a change in email address. You can reach me on my public account, notsidewinder@frontiernet.net. Sidewinder@frontiernet.net was taken, so I'm not him. My email link to the right has been updated. For those of you with my private email address, I'll be updating you shortly. My old email address will work for the next few weeks while I get everything converted over. I'll have to update about a dozen sites and about 50 people.

For those with laptops, I recommend getting a wireless card. When I was configuring mine, I found 3 other networks in range that were wide open. I even connected to one and was surfing on someone else's dime. Free internet is a good thing. All for a $40 network card. Very cool. Sleep tight kiddies!


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