Not much to say

With all that's been going on, there's really not much I have to say. I've got a couple of quick updates:

- I've linked Melzie's Monologue to my blog roll. She's very sweet with an ADHD child so I can relate.

- I'll be going into the studio tonight to record more tracks for the Voice of the Spirit CD. Time to get moving and get it finished.

- I'm finally going to make the move to high speed and get off dial up. I havn't decided yet whether I'm going cable or DSL, but I'm leaning towards DSL since they have a better deal right now. I'll let everyone know my new email address when I make the switch.

- I want to send a public shout out to Lois Lane. She and her mom were VERY generous in supporting Grasshopper and our austim walk. She and I have had many emails go back and forth the last couple of days and she is the greatest. I place her third on the list of awesome women in my life, after the Wife and my mom. Lois amazes me with her ability to give of herself. If you haven't read her blog, go there now!

- Our second annual Labor Day party is Sunday. Hopefully I'll have good stories next week.

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!


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