Rambling more than musing

Haven't posted in a couple of days so I thought I'd just throw some stuff out there as to what's going on.

First and foremost, our walk for Autism research is this coming Sunday. If you haven't donated but would like to, please click the link to the right for information. Many thanks to all of you that have already donated. We're over half way to our goal. I know with everyone raising money for hurricane relief that other charities can get forgotten. This is a worthwhile cause on an issue near and dear to our hearts, so help Grasshopper and other kids like him.

My church group rehearsed Thank You Lord (the song I wrote with Lois) tonight. It is sounding most excellent with an entire group. Everyone loved the song, so many thanks to Lois for sharing an awesome lyric. You totally rock Lois!

The weekend was a little hectic. We decided to go to our local outlet mall on Saturday. We had originally planned to stay a couple of hours. Nearly 6 hours later, we're several hundred dollars poorer and have a truck load full of clothes and other goodies. The boys were introduced to power shopping by the Wife. I'm not sure it's an experience they are ready to repeat any time soon. We did have an excellent dinner at a small outdoor cafe there and found the most heavenly chocolate shop, Harry and David. They had chocolate blueberries, chocolate covered cherries, and chocolate covered raisins that were undescribably delicious. The chocolate covered cherries were my favorite. And they give you samples of whatever you like! I so hated leaving that store.

Sunday was spent out doing "stuff". There was church in the morning, where the entire family attends and we all sit in the pews. Then I had to stop by my parent's place to first figure out why the satelite reciever had sound but no video (video cable not plugged in) and why the new DVD burner would record properly (quick setting change). Then I had to run to the grocery store with Maverick to do the weekly shopping and fullfill one of the requirements for his Family Pin for cub scouts. Then we had to run to Target to get a few more things. THEN I had to get back to church by 3 to set up and reahearse for Sunday evening Mass. After that, make lunches for the kids, get them showers, and put them to bed. Whew! What a day.

And to top it all off, I'm so busy at work, I can't even take a normal lunch and check out all my favorite blogs. As the saying goes, I'm so busy at work I can't get my personal stuff done. I need a clone or something so I have time to get everything done.


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