Weekend Festivities

Hope everyone’s Labor Day weekend was enjoyable. The weekend was spent preparing for and hosting our Second Annual Labor Day Bash. We used the holiday weekend last year to have a house warming party for our high school gang and decided to make it an annual event.

While the party got off to a slightly late start, it went rather well. We cooked out and everyone brought something. It’s a lot of fun to hang out with your pals and munch on food. Back in high school, the “gang” I hung out with consisted of myself and the Wife (yes, we go that far back), and 6 other females. I got involved with them because R. played the clarinet and sat next to me in band (yes, I was a band geek too). She later switched to sax, which I also played. In any event, I basically weasled my way into a group of females and became the only male member.

Since high school, we’ve lost touch with one of the gals. One of the others separated from her husband and he’s remained a member of the group while we haven’t heard from L. in a long time. But the rest of the group is intact. All are married but two. The way it worked out this year is that only one spouse showed up, so we had a great time chatting. My buddy R. has two daughters, one born 20 days before Maverick, the other born 10 days before Grasshopper. Maverick attended a soccer game with a friend so Grasshopper had the two gals to himself. A chip off the old block. He had a wonderful time having someone to boss around that actually listened to him.

The story of Maverick’s game is quite amusing. He had a message on our machine from a friend of his from day camp. They hadn’t seen each other since we took the two of them to a baseball game in May. They go to different schools and don’t get to play much. Maverick called back the next day and had to leave a message for his friend. We were out shopping at Sears for clothes (tax free week, after all) and who did we bump into? Maverick’s friend and parents. They had even stopped by our house just after we’d left to go shopping. They had been calling to invite Maverick to the game. He had an awesome time, grabbed a free T-shirt they tossed into the stands, and got lots of player’s autographs.

Labor Day was spent doing a few odd jobs. I changed the oil in my care (2000 miles overdue), fixed a bird feeder, and purchased a wireless router and wireless card for my laptop. I should have my DSL modem this week and will need to set things up then. Later we went to my parent’s for dinner. My cousin was there as well, so it was good to see him. We don’t see each other as much since his wife died last year. All in all it was a slow day. The kids go back to school Wednesday (YEAH!). Tuesday they’ll be in Fun Club at the YMCA. They’re going to have to start getting used to getting up early again.

I’ll be posting later this week about how recording went on Friday. I’ve got a few songs in the can, but I’m not done yet. Soon, my eager fans, soon. Hope everyone’s Labor Day weekend was relaxing and stress free.


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