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The Saxy Maverick

Maverick got his saxaphone yesterday and had his first lesson. He's totally excited about playing. He practiced for almost an hour yesterday and was dissapointed when we made him stop. He can't wait to get his hands on the thing. There's a lot of squeeking noises coming out of it right now, but he's doing well for a beginner.

As I've stated previously, I also began my musical journey through life on the sax. However, there is a BIG difference between he and I. Growing up, my parents never really supported me as a musician. The let me play sax, which meant they paid the annual rental fee for the instrument. Encouraging me to practice was another thing. As most of you are aware, a horn is not a quiet instrument. If I tried to practice somewhere comfortable, say the dining room or family room, they would yell at me that it was too loud so I should go somewhere else. My room was not a good option since it was directly over the family room and the TV. That left the basement. Yes, the damp, unfinished, absolutely not comfortable or conducive to practicing basement.

As you can well imagine, I didn't practice very often. With all due modesty (or perhaps not) it was only my born musical talent that allowed me to play at all well with only band practice once a week. I played from 4th grade to about 10th grade, after which I gave it up. Got in an arguement with the band director. Besides, by then I wanted to be a rock guitar god. Which I am. Just ask Dave Navarro. He wants to be me.

I think Maverick will have a much better experience than I had. Already I've been giving him tips on reading music, playing the sax (what I can remember from WAY back when), and learning rythem. All in all I'm much more interested than my parents were. And I don't mind all the noise he's making right now. As the Wife stated to me, "I'm surprised it's making any sax like sounds at all." He loves the and I won't take that away from him.

So watch out world, I've got a torch in my hand, and there's a kid eyeing it. He's itching to get his hands on it and begin a family tradition of musical geniuses (at least in our own minds) that will take over the world! I can't wait until we can rock out together.


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