Recording update

Here’s the music update I know you’ve all been waiting for: I finally got my ass in the studio last Friday. I haven’t had a chance to record all summer. I went in to finish some guitar tracks and start recording vocals. I was a little tense when I got there. There was some confusion between the Wife and I on the time I was going to start which resulted in a very quiet dinner. I had a very difficult time laying down the guitar solo tracks for Hearts of Stone. I had trouble relaxing, coupled with the fact the ideas I had for it weren’t working. In the end, I came up with something that I felt came out ok. I also laid down a lead for Matthew 7:25. I had the lead completely worked out for that one and got it basically in one take. A minor punch in at the end and it was good.

The rest of the evening consisted of vocals for Hearts of Stone, Matthew 7:25, Voice of the Spirit, Give It All To You, Blessings, and Calvary Hill. I started out with the easy vocal songs. Without getting into too much detail, I double tracked many of the songs and added harmonies to most of them. The one I probably had the most trouble with was the last one I did, Blessings. I never really liked the scratch vocal I came up with but couldn’t come up with a better melody. Even after recording the initial vocal, I didn’t think much of it. However, I double tracked it and liked it much better.

The song was quite emotional for me. As I mentioned previously, there was a little tension when I left the house. I was reviewing the lyrics before I began recording. This verse really hit me:

Anger, dwelling deep within my heart
Hurting, family ties are torn apart
Selfish, ignoring those you love the most
Asking, show me how to let it go

I wrote that verse when I was in a similar mood. It reminded me that I can be a real asshole sometimes. I really hate it when I remind myself what a jerk I can be. The result for the song, however, is a haunting vocal. The song itself is rather up beat, but the vocal has some emotion to it. I was rather satisfied with the result.

I was paid a very nice compliment by the recording engineer. He said he know someone that was working on a CD. She plays piano and is writing songs she hopes to record and sell. She needs someone to help arrange the songs. He thought I would be perfect to assist her and that he felt I was a very good arranger. I never really thought of myself as someone that arranges music. I just write stuff and play and sing what I hear in my head. I hear a melody, and I can just hear the harmony trying to get out. Or I can feel what the bass, drums, or rhythm guitar should be doing. It’s more instinctive than anything. I mentioned that while it sounded interesting, I couldn’t commit to anything with everything else going on. It turns out she won’t need an arranger for some time, so perhaps it’s something I can look at in the future. You know, for a fee. Giving away my music is one thing. Working on someone else’s for free, that’s another thing entirely.

Next step is to finish the assorted instrument tracks and vocal tracks. I need lead guitar and a sax solo on Voice of the Spirit, piano on Give It all To You, and perhaps some percussion tracks on a couple of songs. I still need to do vocals on I’m Coming Home, Power of Darkness, Lament, and Shout for Joy. Then I can mix it down. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but it will probably (hopefully?) be ready for a Christmas release. Wish me luck!


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