The Weather Blahs

It appears the crappy weather that has enveloped the east coast is affecting many whose blogs I read. For me lately, it's produced a high frustration level. Or pehaps that's work and the weather isn't helping. All I know is that lately I really want to smack some of the people I support. For example:

We upgraded parts of our email system to give a secure email capability. Without going into to much techie detail, it checks to see if personal or medical information might be in an outgoing email and then encrypts the email. The recipient needs to download a program to open the email. I get a call from one of our senior managers that an outside organization is not getting our email that are being encrypted. So I ask if the other company's spam filter might have caught the notification. He and the person that was supposed to recieve the email say No Way! I ask them to check anyway and guess what, the spam filter got it.

I later get a call the email are still not going from us to this company. Again it turns out to be a problem on the other. Now just yesterday this same manager tells us that he sent email to someone in his department and they didn't get it. All internal. I found the email in the person's deleted items. Unread. There is an apparant lack of faith in the email system which is working EXACTLY as we designed it. They just don't like the small amount of extra work involved. I feel like going all Darth Vader on them like in the original Star Wars. When he's choking the one officer with the Force and saying "I find your lack of faith....disturbing." I cannot fix user error people. Not quite an ID 10 T error, but same effect.

I've been trying not to bring this frustation home, but it's difficult. I'm sure the Wife has noticed but she hasn't said anything yet, so I must be doing a minimal job keeping it under control. Hopefully the weather will break soon and I can get rid of this crappy mood. At least there's nothing at home that's really causing any of it. It makes it harder when work and home are getting to you.


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