2008 Election

There were a few things I wanted to post about, but first and foremost, a buddy of mine sent me a link to the perfect candidate for President in 2008. Check the link below. Get on board now while you can.



I've had the day off with the kids. They have a 4 day weekend due to the Columbus Day holiday. I've spent the day painting the bathroom and rebuilding my desktop PC. We picked a seashell kind of color for the bathroom to go with the seashore theme for it. It came out pretty good. I'm pleased with the result. More importantly, the Wife is pleased with the result.

The PC was running slow and locking up a lot. I think the firewall was conflicting with something. I wiped it clean and started over. It's running very nice now and using Zone Alarm, which works much better.

Thursday night I began mixing Matthew 7:25. It's pretty good, but we need to tweak it a little more. I'm not sure if I have to change the mix to bring the guitars up a little more. The Wife agrees with me that the vocals are a little dry. I'll have to add some reverb or something. Tomorrow night is the next session so we'll make the changes and see how the come out. It sounded great in the studio on really nice speakers. However, when you squeeze it to CD and play it in the car, that's the real test.


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