Quick post

I wanted a quick clarification to a new feature on my blog. As you can see on the left, I have a Something to Ponder section. I've decided to add little snipets of things that make me think. The lines are from the bridge of the song mentioned on the new Stryper album, Reborn. It's a little cryptic out of context of the rest of the lyrics, but that section hits me the hardest. The song is taken from the passage in the New Testament where Jesus tells everyone what you do for the least of those around you, you do it for Him (feed the hungry, visit the sick and in prison, etc). When you then add those lines, it's pretty power stuff. Makes you wonder if we do enough for those less fortunate than ourselves.

I've tried commenting on blogs today but it appears Haloscan is broken. Again. Stupid haloscan. Which of you suggested I use it, anyway? I need a scapegoat.


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