Just a couple of things to put out before the weekend starts.

Grasshopper got his first stripe in karate last night. He's vary proud of himself and can't wait to be a yellow belt. Of course, that will take a few more months. They test once per month and you need to earn 3 stripes before you can earn your belt. Still, the Wife and I are very proud of him.

All the tracks are now officially recorded for Voice of the Spirit. The sax solo for the title track was recorded yesterday and sounds good. I'm still in mix down mode. Two songs are complete, 10 to go. I will post clips of the completed songs this weekend hopefully (assuming I have any time at all). One of the songs is Matthew 7:25 and I REALLY need to replace the clip I have. Compared to the finished product, that clip is so freaking bad! It's actually embarassing its so bad.

This weekend is Grasshopper's birthday party for his friends. He's a Halloween baby so Sunday we're have a gymnastics party for him and his friends. They set up cool equipment in the gymnastics center for the kids to jump on and slide through and stuff. I'll probably have pictures next week.

The sun finally came out yesterday so the weather here is better. Thanks for your comments everyone! Have a great weekend!


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