If you're reading this it means that blogger is back up and running again. I wanted to update everyone and just throw a few things out there.

First, thanks to everyone that commented or emailed me. I'm in a much better mood now. Many thanks especially to the Wife for the Robert Frost quotes. They gave me some much needed perspective. There are days when being an adult sucks. The last couple of days have been like that. Also, hellow to a new reader, Gammy's Perspective. That was a nice comment you left. Welcome. I'll check out your site soon. Now, some other little tidbits from the last 24 hours:


Grasshopper has gotten in the habit of calling the Wife "Real Mom" in the evenings when he wants her to come upstairs after we've tucked him in for the night. When she asked him why he calls her that, he replied that when he calls for Mom and I come up, I'm cranky. Therefore, the request for "Real Mom" and not just ordinary any parent Mom.


In my day job, I manage a help desk. We recieved an email from one of our female users. The subject line was: Need Some. With the day I was having, it struck me as funny. I was so tense that I started laughing and couldn't stop. It wasn't that funny, but it so broke my tension that it went WAY beyond normal amusing. When I finally managed to calm down, I thought, don't we all.



I got the wireless card working on my laptop again. It crapped out last night and I couldn't get it to connect to the network for anything. It was the last straw before I posted. I brought it to work today, uninstalled the Linksys wireless software and installed the generic driver from Microsoft. When I came home and reconnected to my network, not only did it work, but I now have access to my server! The laptop prompted me to update my password. My login scripts run so I have access to all of my server shares. AND I can now print to my network printer! I'm in computer geek heaven! My home network is running SWEET! Also, my email files are also on the server so I can connect to it via outlook no matter which PC I'm on. I have all my email, contacts, and calendar in one central location. You may now bow to my networking prowess.


You know how a dog's leg will shake like it's scratching when you rub it's belly? Well, if you scratch our cat's ear, it does the same thing. It's such a canine reaction that I think she might have some stray dog DNA in there or something. It's hysterical to watch.


I had been looking at meditation books to help bring me some balance. I forgot what I really need to do: Rollerblade. I was out with the kids, them on their bikes and me on my blades. I forgot how peaceful it can be just to fly along, just you and the road. I didn't get a real chance to go couple of miles, but the 10 mintues or so I was blading did wonders. I really need to do more of that.

Well, that's it for now. I think I'm more my usual self. Managed to help put the kids to bed without yelling or going crazy. I'm shooting for 48 hours of peace this time. Wish me luck!


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