What's wrong with this picture

I read an interesting new item today (Link to article). It seems a man that worked for a Budweiser distributor was fired (according to him anyway) for drinking Coors at a bar. It seems that he ordered a Bud, and the waitress gave him a Coors instead. Instead of sending it back, he decided to drink it. The daughter in law of one of the shareholders in the distributor was there and saw him. She supposedly asked him twice if she could buy him a Bud and he refused. On Monday, he was fired. The distributor isn't talking so their side is not out there.

Now, this guy was out on the town, not in company uniform, not representing the company in any way. While I realize that many states have "at will" employment and can fire whoever they like, but this is just so wrong. Some companies expect you to dedicate yourself to them and their product. The problem is, they don't give you that loyalty in return. They seem to think that giving you a paycheck is reward enough for selling yourself to them. I disagree. A job is a job. You owe the company you work for nothing more that to do the best job you can during your working hours. Once your day is done, they have no hold over you whatsoever. I have no problem with someone working for Bud and hating the product. It's the same as working for GM but buying a Ford because you prefer their product. It's your money and you shouldn't be penalized for going with a competitor if you like.

The days where a company takes care of their employees for life is over. Pensions are a thing of the past, you'll get laid off just so the company can shave a few pennies per unit to lower their cost. This quarter's balance sheet and profits are more important than the people that keep the company going. It's all about the almight dollar. I hope this guy wins his lawsuit and this distributor gets a huge fine. Maybe then they'll get out of their employee's personal lives.


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