It's Alive!

This past Sunday we began the new Alive at 5 Mass geared towards young people with more rock oriented music. The response was overwhelmingly positive! The church was packed and the mass was awesome! The priest that performed the mass was vibrant and spoke in terms everyone could relate to. It was a great start to our new venture.

For me, it was an affirmation that I'm in the right place muscially. Even though I wasn't feeling too well (I must thank my little guy for giving me his cold), there was an energy level that took all the pain away. I've had problems with "stage fright" at some of my gigs at clubs when I was in a regular rock band. No of that effected me in the least. The comfort level was unbelievable.

We're going to be playing Sunday evenings in May and June, taking July and August off, then resuming in September. Hopefully we get as good a crowd every week and we can minister to the needs of people that haven't been able to connect with the church up to now. Wish us luck!


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