Bad music weekend

Well, as the title suggests, it wasn't a good weekend for me and music. It started by a call Friday night from the studio asking to cancel for Saturday and reschedule. It worked out in a way as then we could go to the Lilac Festival and not have to rush, but I was looking forward to laying down tracks. Then Sunday at Mass, the sound was horrible. We couldn't get any volume out of the microphones for vocals. Imagine if you will trying to play electric guitar, bass, and drums quietly enough so that vocals can be heard without the benefit of mikes. That was pretty close to what we did. Basically it sucked. We're working on the sound system, but like I said, not a good music weekend.

The Lilac Festival was fun. We wandered around for a couple of hours in a nice sunny 70 degree day. Perfect weather. I know there was a request for pictures, but I forgot the digital camera. Instead, I'll add the link to the festival's web site that has flowery type pictures for your enjoyment (link). The boys had fun. We let them get these small wooden tribal type masks that they got to paint. They got a big kick out of that.

I saw the new Star Wars movie Friday night with my two female friends. We had a good time. The movie was cool but kind of disturbing in its darkness. It took a couple of days for it to sink in so I could decide whether I liked it or not. It does pretty much tie up all the plot loose ends. Overall I think I liked it, but I wouldn't rank it up there with the original trilogy. Perhaps about as good as Return of the Jedi overall, but different.

I think my brother learned he should listen to me this weekend. He's a landscaper and was dropping off mulch for the area under our wooden playset in the back yard. I originally told him to bring 5 yards of mulch. He stopped by last week to see how much he would need. He decided 2 yards should do the trick. Guess what? It coverd half of the area. Now he needs to come back on his time and money to deliver the rest of the mulch. When will he learn that older brother knows best?


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