I don't understand women

Let me preface the following post by saying the below comments are not meant as a critisism on the Wife. I just wonder how her brain works sometimes.

Last night, the Wife and I we talking in bed, and she mentioned how tired she was and that she'd been busting her ass all evening with housework. I agreed that she'd gotten a lot done and told her, as I do many times, that she does too much and needs to relax a little. The thing I found interesting is that she seemed to be waiting for some kind of complaint from me. I'm not sure if she needed a justification for working too hard or what.

It seems that she thought I might complain that I didn't have any work clothes, or that she wasn't doing something, or that the house was too messy, or something. The funny thing is, I usually don't complain about that stuff. If I REALLY need work clothes, I'll wash or iron them myself. I don't mention to her that I did it, I simply get it done. Same thing with dishes. If they're piling up and I think they should be taken care of, I do. There's no judgement involved, it just needs doing. The only thing I might complain about is all the papers on our kitchen island. It's a bit of a pet peeve of mine that it gets all covered up with stuff and I can't throw any of it out as it might be important or something. Never mind I set up a spot for them all on the desk in our "quiet room" (dining room used as a den). But hey, we all have our pet peeves.

I seem to have this problem with some women that want to read more into my statements or actions than is really there. I worked with a woman at my last employer where we had to stop talking politics. While not "political", here's a typical exchange: she asks me if during my Navy days, our ships gave out Motrin for every ailment. I responded no since we didn't have any women on board. In my mind, at that time Motrin was used primarily for PMS symptoms. She went practically insane and seemed to think I was some sort of chauvanistic pig because I obviously thought that only women would ask for some sort of pain reliever. Guys were too manly to bother dealing with pain. Or when we discussed capital punishment, when I mentioned I didn't think a Christian could support killing of another human being, she interpreted that to mean I must consider her some sort of immoral athiest sub human since she believed in capital punishment. Did I ever say any of those things? No. But I will admit, it was fun spinning her up sometimes. However, most times we'd just fight and I'd end up pissed off at work. So we stopped for both our sanities.

So ladies, any insight into the complexities of the female mind would be appreciated. And to the Wife, I mean it, you make yourself crazy sometimes trying to get everything done. Relax a little, the world won't end if we don't have clean jeans. And ask for some help sometimes. Remember, I don't read minds. If you have something you really want me to do, say so (except for bringing in the hose, which I remembered but didn't feel like doing last night since it was getting dark). I know, I didn't do the ONE thing she asked me to do yesterday. Sigh, I never win.


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