Weekend update

Nothing really new to post so I thought I just hit some highlights from the weekend.

Saturday was a bit frustrating. My brother was supposed to come over to drop off some mulch to go under our playset for the kids. He sprung it on me at 9:30 Friday night, so I scrambled in the morning to get some landscaping plastic to put under the mulch and get it cut and laid out by 9 am so I could get my son to his art lesson on time. Which I managed to do. However, by the time I got home, the stuff had blown all over the place even though I set heavy stuff on the ends to keep it from blowing away. And my brother didn't get the mulch so he didn't end up coming over. In other words, I went crazy for nothing.

Later, I went to my church to practice a song for Pentacost mass with dancers for the Presentation part of the Mass. I went quite well and I came to a nice little realization. I'm standing in there in church playing music and realized that I was home. It was like an affirmation that I'm using my talent in the right way.

The rest of the day was mostly better, though my little guy had an "accident" at the mall. We asked him several times if he needed to use the bathroom and he said no each time. He then announced to me he'd peed while in Casual Corner while my wife was looking at clothes. This sort of thing happens sometime with autistic kids. Also a little frustrating, but it happens.

Yesterday overall was a decent day. We got a Trail-a-Bike that goes on a standard bike to allow our younger one to "ride" on a bike while one of us pulls it along. It's set up like a regular bike that he can pedal but it's attached to our bike. It will let him practice his balance and keeps him under control when we're riding. There's no sidewalks in our town so we have to ride in the street. He's got his own bike but likes to ride in the middle of the street. Not good.

Both boys had trouble sleeping last night. They're usually both asleep by 9:30 or so, but both were up past 10 pm. My older one was a little tired this morning. The younger one is like me and wakes up fully in no time and was fine. My wife was worried they'd be too tired today but I think they're ok. They're young and can bounce back pretty easy.

Hopefully I'll have something interesting to say this week. I noticed The Retropolitan posted a bunch of stuff that looks interesting. When I have a chance to read and digest it all, it may spurn some passioned writing.


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