Told you so

A little follow up on my post of the other day. Remeber I warned of theocracy and the coming apocolypse? Well, it appears a preacher in North Carolina kicked out some of his members because the voted for Kerry in the last election. Here's the full story if you want to read it. He basically said back in October that only Bush was the true "christian" candidate since he was a "believer" and could recite the date he was saved. Kerry, hethen that he is, was on the wrong side of all the issues. Parishoners should vote for Bush and Kerry supporters should "repent or resign".

That is just so wrong on so many levels. Somehow I wouldn't be using Mr. Bush as an example of a good Christian man. He's personally signed the death warrents of more inmates than anyone in recent history. He started a war that we didn't need to be in resulting in the deaths of thousands of people. And he won't take personal responsibility for his mistakes, only his "accomplishments". Yeah, real good leader and christian.

I'm telling you, pretty soon anyone that values liberty, equality, and tolerance will have to get out of the country and move to Canada or something. Because it's obvious that the Religious Right don't want you hear unless you're willing to subjegate your intelligence and free will and allow them to do the thinking for you. Because we all know what happens when you do dangerous things like read books, research on the internet, and keep an open mind. It will get you labeled a hippy liberal that should get dragged out into the street and stoned to death or put down like a dog.


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