I'm famous!

I was recently interviewed for the Rochester Business Journal. They quoted me in their article. Below is the part of the article that mentioned me:

"Vincenzo Franco, a former US Navy officer who was deployed to the Persian Gulf in 1991, is help desk supervisor for ********. "Enlistees returning from Iraq and Afghanistan will need job training as well as help finding jobs," he said. "They will need help with the trasition," Franco said. They are getting out, they are about 20 to 22 and don't know much about the working world."

While this is only a small part of what we talked about, the author quoted me correctly and in the proper context, so I guess it came out the way I wanted. Please do not send accolades. Rather, money is an acceptable method of expressing your adoration. We can make arrangement for you to send it to me via paypal.


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