For your consideration

Since the holiday weekend is coming up and I have Friday off (kids are off from school), I won't be on line much. As a result, I'll just throw this out there for everyone. Here's (link) an interesting article from the Waterloo, NY area (north of Syracuse and a short hop from Rochester). A man convicted for "raping" a sixteen year old (felony statutory rape, that is, I won't comment at all on the issue), filled out an application to be a foster parent. He's married with 3 children. On his application he was truthful about his felony conviction. It appears he was supposed to register as a sex offender in NY, of which he was not aware when he moved to NY. He subsequently registered when he recieved a summons to do so. Basically he followed all the rules. He's been removed as a foster parent, the agency is looking into why the application was approved, and the person has left Watertown.

So, without saying anything at all about my thoughts on the matter, what is the concensus out there? I'll check in on comments if I have time.

Oh, and I hope everyone has a fun Memorial Day weekend. We have nothing specific planned but my older son will get to march in the downtown Memorial Day parade with his cub scout pack. I'll try to post pictures Monday if any are good.


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